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Recycling Rockwool, Mineral Wool & Glass Wool

Insulation wool is among the most recyclable materials, but most of it still ends up in landfill. Here is a solution that removes the insulation from landfill and creates a sellable and recyclable product

Volume reduction of insulation

The Mil-tek IC60 insulation compactor is a powerful machine that shreds and compacts mineral wool and stone wool, commonly used in building and home insulation. By compacting insulation in this manner, the volume of the material is reduced by over 90%, making it easy to store and transport, and most importantly making it ready for recycling.

Insulation types: Glass wool, Rockwool, and mineral wool

Building and construction companies often handle and dispose of large volumes of mineral wool, glass wool, and fiberglass, which end up in landfills. However, these materials are completely recyclable. Using the IC60 insulation compactor, insulation that would otherwise be sent to a landfill can be recycled and generate income for your company.

Insulation made 100% ready for recycling

Mineral wool including stone wool, rock wool, glass wool, and fiberglass, can all be compacted in the IC60. To achieve maximum value and recyclability, it is recommended to compress one form of insulation at a time rather than mixing them. Recycling insulation wool stimulates the circular economy, and commodity income is generated.

Including insulation into the circular economy

Overall, the IC60 insulation compactor by Mil-tek plays a crucial role in insulation recycling, making it an essential aspect of the circular economy. By using this machine, companies can reduce their environmental impact and generate revenue from recycling the insulation.

Video – how it works

The IC60 in action at a recycling facility in Vejle, Denmark

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