Plastic Recycling Solutions

Learn more about plastic as a material and how you can dispose of and recycle your plastic waste.

Minimize your plastic waste

Is plastic waste an ongoing problem in your company? With the right equipment you can minimize your plastic waste and make it ready for recycling – and as a result also increase your company’s contribution to more sustainability.

Whatever the size and scale of your operation, we can help you with a solution that will suit your workplace, your working environment and your working requirements.

Plastic as a material

Plastic is a lightweight, inexpensive, durable and easy-to-modify material. It is made up of polymers, which are large organic molecules. It is also, unfortunately, one of the worlds’ most ubiquitous materials, leaving few places on earth left untouched by plastic pollution to a greater or lesser extent.

The flexibility of plastic ensures that most companies rely on and handle large volumes of plastic packaging. But by handling your plastic waste correctly when you dispose of it, you can make it ready for recycling and thereby minimize its negative environmental impact.


Handle and recycle your plastic waste

A plastic recycling compactor can help you handle your plastic waste more effectively and reduce the volume of plastic in general. Staff will no longer need to carry plastic waste to and from an external waste area, and no longer will reams of uncompacted plastic clog up bins. The right machine will simply optimize your daily workflow above all.

Going through the compactor, the plastic material is compressed into bales that are easy to handle for further transport and later on to handle for recycling at waste recycling facilities.


Make money recycling plastic

Most waste recycling facilities even pay you money for your plastic waste, if prepared the right way. So, you can sell your plastic waste and generate a source of income for your company and do some good for the environment at the same time. That should be a no-brainer.

At Mil-tek we have machines that fit every workplace situation. Browse through our product range and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know exactly how we can help you.


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