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Reduce and dispose of mixed waste

Businesses that generate a regular amount of mixed waste such as waste food, unrecyclable packaging and malodourous waste need a safe and hygienic solution.

Reducing general waste

More than any other waste type, general/mixed waste takes up the most amount of space and is the most costly to dispose of.

How businesses manage general waste is a clear indication of the cleanliness, hygiene, economic and environmental standards they set for themselves and their staff.

How to handle mixed waste

The best way to minimize the amount of general waste produced is by using a compactor or waste press.

The technology of pneumatically powered waste compactors allows them to apply constant pressure, compressing the loose waste and resulting in thicker, heavier bags of compressed waste.

Managing kitchen waste

Waste management in professional kitchens is a delicate balance between hygiene and functionality.

A stainless steel, oil-free Mil-tek waste compactor can be installed directly into a kitchen allowing for simple, safe and hygienic waste compaction.

Moving compacted waste

Compacting mixed waste in a Mil-tek commercial waste compactor reduces the size by a factor of 10:1. A Mil-tek Lift Trolley is the ideal assistant transporting compacted waste.

With a stainless steel Lift Trolley at hand, you avoid all heavy lifting as by simply sliding the bag onto the lifting plate, wheel it to your waste area and push it off.

Waste management offshore

Mil-tek waste compactors are ideal for compacting waste offshore, where space and hygiene are important factors.

Available with fixed frame units, sliding wagons and stainless steel, the Mil-tek commercial waste compactor compactor is ideal for shipping, offshore environments or uneven surfaces.

User-friendly waste management

We place user-friendliness, safety and simplicity to the forefront when designing our waste presses.

Because no two businesses are the same, we tailor our solutions to suit each industry sector, each business and each waste type.

By providing your workforce with the tools it needs to better handle waste, you ensure more positive undertaking by staff.

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