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Plastic Strapping Recycling

Proper strapping disposal not only saves space in garbage containers, but it also reduces the danger of accidents caused by it.

The Plastic Bag Stand is used to contain and maintain plastic strapping

Plastic strapping and banding are required for packaging and transportation, but once used, they become unmanageable waste that fills and overflows your bins, increasing the risk of accidents.

You can keep your strapping waste under control with this simple but effective package solution. Collect and contain strapping in strategically positioned plastic bag stands across the workplace before compacting it in a Mil-tek baler. A simple method for controlling strapping.

Problems with strapping waste

Facilities that often employ plastic strapping for packing are more prone to encounter the following issues:

  • Because the material quickly fills empty space in bins, they must be changed on a regular basis.
  • Tripping incidents or accidents involving trucks or equipment caused by uncontrolled material
  • How to properly dispose of strapping waste

Mil-tek’s storage and compacting solution

Place the strapping waste in a strong plastic bag. When it’s time to empty the bag, place it in the baler, which will compact it by up to 90%. The dense bale can be delivered to a recycling center, where the plastic strapping will be crushed and washed to remove minor impurities. Following these operations, the plastic can be sold and recycled into new plastic products.

Plastic strapping recycling is important

Plastic garbage can survive for hundreds of years in landfills. As a result, plastic strapping, like all other plastic materials, should be recycled into new plastic products rather than being discarded. Recycling plastic strapping reduces the demand for fossil fuels to produce new plastic, resulting in a more sustainable effort if the material is disposed of properly.

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