Hotel & Restaurant Waste Management

Busy working environments and strict hygiene standards mean hoteliers and restauranteurs need to ensure that waste must be managed correctly

Five Star Experience

The raison d’être of Hotels and Restaurants is to cater for their guests. In order to do this, a range and volume of waste is generated including cardboard and plastic packaging, expanded polystyrene and general waste.

In order to maintain a perfect customer experience in front-of-house, hotels and restaurants require an effective waste management strategy behind the scenes, from waste creation to disposal.

Mil-tek’s waste management solutions are designed to improve the workflow through the hotel or restaurant: in kitchens, indoor storage areas and outdoor waste areas. We identify the issues that can otherwise hinder workflow optimisation.

Catering for Safety

Many restaurants have a high turnover of staff. Waste handling in the food and hospitality sector is likely to be performed by a regularly changing group of employees.

Mil-tek recycling waste balers and compactors are engineered with this kind of end user in mind: they are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and absolutely safe.

A Mil-tek engineer will ensure that staff of a hotel or restaurant have easy access to training, safe operating procedures, and everything else they may need.

Value-added Service

Hotels and Restaurants vary massively in size and star rating. Regardless of the set-up though there is a common feature: waste. And lots of it.

Restaurants require efficient and hygienic waste management to handle a mix of waste including cardboard boxes, packaging and general kitchen waste.

Effective waste handling in a restaurant not only benefits the business, it improves the workflow, helps the staff in the daily tasks, reduces the cost of waste contributes to a cleaner, greener and healthier image.

Watch: Efficient waste handling in a busy restaurant

This video demonstrates the benefits that efficient waste handling can have for a busy restaurant. Things like time, hygiene and general tidiness can be quickly and effectively improved.

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