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Mil-tek Waste Balers & Compactors in Manchester


Mil-tek UK Waste Balers & Compactors - Manchester

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About Mil-tek Manchester

If you run a business in Manchester and you’re committed to helping the environment, our waste recycling machines were designed just for you.

Mil-tek offers sustainable waste recycling solutions for businesses in and around Manchester to reduce their carbon footprint and create a clean workspace for employees. With a presence in over 30 countries, we take pride in being one of the leading suppliers of waste balers and recycling compactors and helping hundreds of businesses reach their sustainability goals by minimising waste.

We work with businesses of all sizes, so no matter what volume of waste you produce, our experienced consultants will help you find the right machinery for your needs. Our balers and compactors are available in different sizes, from small to industrial ones, and were designed to compact a wide range of materials, including cardboard, plastic, cans insulation and expanded polystyrene (EPS6).

The entire Mil-tek range of waste balers and compactors is available for rent or sale and comes with a comprehensive servicing policy. Our consultants will offer extensive training to your staff so that they can safely and effectively operate the machines. Expert servicing and maintenance is also included.

Whether you run a business in Manchester or the surrounding areas, contact Miltek today, and our team will arrange a free onsite visit to talk about your recycling needs.

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