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Mil-tek Waste Balers & Compactors in Leeds, Yorkshire


Mil-tek UK Waste Balers & Compactors - Leeds

2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP

Phone: 08005003052

About Mil-tek Leeds

Mil-tek are the leading suppliers of waste bale machines and compactors for business recycling in the UK. Initially established in 2002, we now have a local presence in many locations around the UK and in Yorkshire in particular.

Our Leeds office will be more than happy to help you, by explaining the benefits of our products, all backed up by our free on-site survey for your peace of mind about how we can help your company save money, time and space as well as by reducing your carbon footprint.

At Mil-tek, we have an enviable position as a baler company that has a flawless safety record with our machinery as well as providing industry-leading baler servicing and baler rental/hire packages so you can be sure that the equipment we provide will always be working optimally.

We’re already supplying our waste recycling machinery to many companies in and around Leeds, as well as York, Sheffield and many other cities and towns in Yorkshire.

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Get in touch with one of our local reps. today to learn more about how Mil-tek can help your business save time, space and money by better handling waste. Let us know what you need so the right person can get in touch.