Workplace Recycling Law Wales

Dry Mixed Recycling is changing in Wales in April 2024. Ensure you are ready for the change and can comply with the new legislation.

Workplace recycling regulations – what is it about?

From 6th April 2024, new legislation means that businesses can no longer put materials like cardboard and plastic into the same bin/skip/container.

The result? More bins, more contamination, more collections, higher costs.

Now is the time to segregate and compact waste on site and:

  • Save time, (no more flattening boxes)
  • Save space (avoid separate bins for card, plastic and general waste)
  • Save money (bale and compact on site and even earn revenue for your baled waste stream)

You can read the full details on the legislation here.

Wales Recycling – What waste needs to be separated?

The new recycling legislation simply means that you are required to separate recyclable material and can no longer mix many materials in a typical dry mixed recycling bin or skip.

The following materials must be segregated for collection:

  • Food
  • Paper and card
  • Glass
  • Metal, plastic and cartons
  • Unsold textiles
  • Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (sWEEE)

Mil-tek experts can help you and your company meet the requirements of the new recycling law.

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Comply with Wales Workplace Recycling Law with a Mil-tek Solution.

At Mil-tek, we specialise in providing tailored solutions to efficient waste management, designed to streamline the segregation processes for businesses of all sizes, and have done for over 30 years.

With our comprehensive range of balers and compactors, every workplace can find a solution to handle, minimize and recycle materials listed in the recycling law.

You can try a Mil-tek baler for free, to be able to test a new waste handling solution before investing in new equipment. For example, cardboard and paper can be compacted in a baler, leaving the material 90% reduced in volume and ready for recycling. In addition to complying with the new recycling law regarding the sorting of cardboard, paper and plastic, your business will also improve its bottom line due to fewer containers and fewer waste collections.

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Mil-tek Balers

Segregate waste types with Infinity – efficiently, hygienically and economically.

We believe that proper waste segregation is not just about compliance; it’s a gateway to a more sustainable and efficient future and brings a multitude of benefits for both the environment and your business.

Infinity is the simplest way to separate and contain recyclable waste types
With Mil-tek’s popular Infinity bag range, your workplace can easily introduce new segregation practices. Due to the variety of sizes, shapes and forms, as well as practical color-coded bag cartridges, you can adapt an Infinity solution to your company’s exact waste sorting needs.

Join us in making a difference for a more sustainable future – use Mil-tek solutions to ensure you have an efficient new waste handling process at your workplace!

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