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Bulk bags

Bulk bags, also called big bags, and FIBCs, are useful for transporting loose materials and when used, they can be recycled into new bags.

What is a bulk bag?

Bulk bags are large, heavy-duty textile containers. They vary in size depending on the material and industry, with a typical capacity of 800-900kg and a weight of 2-3kg each.

The reuse of bulk bags

Bulk bags are commonly used in industries that handle large volumes of dry, loose materials such as sand, grain, and animal feed. These bags are often used and reused, but the process can be made more efficient by compacting them after use.

The recycling of bulk bags

Bulk bags are recyclable, but compaction is necessary to enable effective handling. Because of the loose materials transported in Bulk Bags complex cleaning is required before reuse is possible. A common solution is to compact the bulk bags into bales, and transport compact bales to a recycler that shreds the used bags and uses them to create new bulk bags. Mil-tek balers can be adjusted to specifically handle bulk bags, and can even be fitted with extraction equipment to handle the dust created during compaction.

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