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Infinity Endless Bag Solution

Segregate waste efficiently, hygienically & economically

Every Infinity bag is always 100% full!

= money saved & up to 75% less plastic used.

Customised waste solution! Colour-coded & different types of stands.

Infinity stands are available for both wall and floor mounting, come in different sizes and shapes and the bags are available in 6 different colours.

This allows you to customise a waste sorting solution that fits your organisation’s needs exactly.

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Hygienic benefits:

  • Higher level of hygiene as bags are handled on the outside
  • Any spillage around the opening is collected by the next bag
  • Bags are sealed with strips from the outside
  • Easy cleaning of racks and waste area
  • Generally tidier working environment

Environmental & economic benefits:

  • Less time spent on waste management
  • Less risk of mis-sorting
  • Less material consumption and plastic waste (up to 75%)
  • Higher degree of recycling
  • Less “transport of waste” – sort waste where it occurs

Everyday use that’s easy to follow for all staff.

Segregating your waste with Infinity is the simplest thing ever!

Watch the video to see how to easily empty a bag and prepare a new one.

Up to 75% less plastic consumption.

With Infinity, there will be no more emptying of half-full waste bags.

Plastic waste can typically be reduced by up to 75% compared to traditional waste bags, because you only emply full bags.

The most hygienic way to bag your waste.

Infinity eliminates all contact with waste contamination; Bags are always handled on the outside, and any spillage around the opening is collected by the next bag.

This results in a cleaner and more hygienic working environment with fewer odours, pests and flies.

Optional Add-on kit.

The optional Add-on kit is a great upgrade for your Infinity solution and includes:

  • Signage for 10 different waste types
  • Scissor (210 mm)
  • Storage kit for wire ties + scissor

Watch this video and learn about the benefits of effective waste management

Implementing efficient waste management solutions – like Infinity – can result in significant cost savings for your business!

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