Cardboard Balers

Mil-tek’s range of balers for cardboard offers a variety of solutions for
all kinds of businesses regardless of size, type and waste streams.

Make dense, recyclable bales – from 40-500 kg – and save a lot of
space, time and waste costs. Contact us here or book a Free Site Survey.

Best selling cardboard balers – the Pneumatic range

Powered only by compressed air, Mil-tek’s pneumatic baler series consists of very efficient solutions. Plug them into an existing airline or a compressor, and handle small to medium-sized amounts of cardboard waste.

Thanks to the patented EcoDrive valves, these vertical balers maintain a constant pressure on the cardboard waste, without using extra energy. The pneumatic technology also means that no hydraulic oil is used in the machines, eliminating the risk of oil spillage and contamination.

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Electrical cardboard balers

Our electrical range of cardboard balers features very low height and a high pressing force.

Like the pneumatic balers, the electrical series is free of hydraulic oil. A “stay and hold” feature ensures that the material stays under pressure to achieve the best compaction.

Ideal machines for any business with large volumes of cardboard waste, looking to experience immediate cost savings and transform waste into income.

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Hydraulic cardboard balers

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty cardboard baler, a hydraulic solution may be the way to go. At Mil-tek, we have both vertical hydraulic balers and horizontal hydraulic balers.

These large machines can handle heavy cardboard streams, and some of them create mill size compacted cardboard bales, ready for recycling.

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How does a cardboard baler work

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Mil-tek leads the way with balers and compactors for cardboard

Mil-tek offers high-quality and innovative balers that are designed to efficiently compress cardboard, plastic and other waste materials, reducing its volume and optimizing storage and transportation.

Our balers are known for their durability, reliability, and user-friendly operation, making them a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

Our commitment to sustainability is another noteworthy aspect, as our balers promote recycling and waste reduction, aligning with the growing environmental concerns of businesses worldwide.

With our well proven technology, Lean approach to waste handling, and dedication to sustainability, Mil-tek is a trusted leader in the market for cardboard balers.


Mil-tek has a varied selection of balers, perfect for your compacting needs

Our product program is one of the widest in the market, with a variety of sizes and energy sources. Learn much more about cardboard balers further down this page, or have a look at all our balers and compactors.

What is a cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler is a specialized machine designed to efficiently compact cardboard waste and make it ready for recycling.

Place it where your cardboard waste is generated and optimize the internal workflows significantly, since you/employees/collegues do not have to take your cardboard elsewhere several times a day.

Instead of having to flatten cardboard boxes manually, the cardboard baler presses the cardboard for you. Therefore, you may also hear it referred to as a cardboard press machine or a cardboard compactor. Depending on the power source of the baler, the pressing plate inside the machine will press the cardboard with a lot of power, and turn the airy cardboard into dense and heavy bales.


What is the purpose of a baler?

Does your outdoor container also quickly overflow with cardboard? In that case, you will probably pay for frequent collection of full containers. However, the containers are often “filled” with a large amount of air because the cardboard is not properly compressed.

Four benefits of cardboard baling:

  • You will save a lot of time on waste management – if the cardboard compactor is placed where the cardboard waste is generated, you can fill the cardboard directly into the baler
  • You don’t have to fold cardboard boxes manually, as they are simply put in the cardboard baler as they are
  • You no longer have to carry cardboard outside in a container several times a day
  • You do not have to pay to have air collected, but your compressed cardboard bales become a sellable commodity.

How do you load a cardboard baler?

Cardboard baling is for everyone, so to speak. You simply feed the baler with cardboard and pull the “press handle”, and the machine compresses the cardboard with great force. Depending on the baler model, you can load the baler with both unfolded cardboard, large pieces of cardboard and big amounts of plastic etc. See more details on each model’s product page.

When the chamber in the cardboard baler is full you put cardboard baler strapping on manually and then bale out.

A Miltek baler for cardboard is simple and easy-to-use, and always comes with animated user guides so that also new staff can quickly learn to operate it.


How much does a bale of cardboard weigh?

That depends on the size of the cardboard baler. If your amount of cardboard is limited, a mini cardboard baler like the A102 is a small cardboard baler that would fit your need. A large cardboard baler is necessary for bigger manufacturing companies that produce a lot of packaging waste. An industrial cardboard baler like the mill size cardboard baler or the A509 would be a good choice here. So obviously, the bigger the baler, the bigger weight of the bale. As an example, the A102 baler produces up to 40 kg cardboard bales, and we have machines that produce bales of up to 450 kg of cardboard.


Baled cardboard collection

So, how much can you get for a bale of cardboard and how are the bales collected? Cardboard is going for different prices per bale, depending on your geographic location and of course the size of the bale. But regardless of the cardboard bale price, you turn your waste to an income instead of it being an expense provided you did not bale your cardboard. In terms of baled cardboard collection, many paper and cardboard recycling companies will pick up and pay you for your cardboard bales. You can also hire a local waste collection company to collect your baled cardboard on a regular basis.


Cardboard baler for sale

Now to the pending question – how much does a cardboard baler cost? If you are looking for a cardboard baler for sale, you must know that cardboard baler prices depend on many factors. What is the manufacturers’ price level as well as what type of cardboard bailer that fits your needs the best, regarding both size and power source etc.

There are many cardboard balers for sale in UK, but whatever the size and scale of your operation, Mil-tek has a cardboard baler that will suit your workplace, your working environment and your working requirements.

If you are looking for cardboard balers in UK, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about Mil-tek’s products.


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