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Solutions for crushing and recycling glass

Handling large volumes of disposable glass can be a challenge for industries like Hotels, bars, and restaurants. The solution to space-saving storage and effective recycling is crushing the glass on site.

Equipment for glass crushing

An efficient solution for recycling glass is the use of a Mil-tek Glass Crusher. This equipment effectively reduces the volume of glass bottles by over 90%, making storage more manageable and reducing pickups by recyclers.

Handling large volumes of glass

In busy bars and restaurants, large volumes of glass bottles are used daily for various drinks, leading to inefficiencies in storage and disposal. The handling of glass bottles is noisy and requires a lot of space for storage, in the back room or outside in containers, generating a lot of traffic from pickups.

Crushing glass

A glass crusher can also be utilized in pharmaceutical companies, where it is used to crush glass ampoules used for distributing vaccinations. This not only minimizes waste volume but also eliminates the risk of piracy. Many vaccine centers have also adopted the use of glass crushers to handle empty glass ampoules.

Glass crusher video

The Mil-tek Glass crusher in action at a Covid 19 vaccination center, crushing glass ampoules to prevent them from being refiled and ending up on the black market

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