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How well is your business optimized to handle the everyday stream of waste, cardboard paper and plastic? Book a Complimentary Site Survey to learn more.

Site Survey conducted by Mil-tek Experts

Are you baling Cardboard, soft plastic or other waste streams in your workplace? Why not book a Free Site survey to learn more about the potential immediate savings and efficiency improvements that could be made.

A Mil-tek Site Survey involves a detailed analysis of your business’s current waste handling process; highlighting the ‘red flags’ and identifying the problems that most businesses take for granted.

Once complete, you will be presented with a detailed site survey report highlighting these problems, and an overview of where and how to address these issues.


Free Site Survey to determine the ideal solution for handling your waste

Mil-tek’s site survey and waste audit are designed to revolutionize your workspace.

We look at all the obvious things, such as waste amounts and budgets, but we also look at the things that most other suppliers overlook.

This holistic approach to waste handling ensures that Mil-tek delivers results what will benefit your business, your employees and your customers.

Site survey waste

A waste survey can result in substantial savings

A Mil-tek Site Survey can take as little as 30 minutes, but the savings identified can be substantial.

If one of our recycling machines proves to be beneficial for your business (which is most likely the case), we will be happy to provide you with a Free Trial.


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