E319 Electric Baler for Cardboard & Plastic


The E319 Electric Baler is a low height, heavy duty electric baler, that operates quietly without hydraulic power.

  • High compaction pressure
  • Electric: almost silent running 57 dB (A)
  • Electric: no hydraulic oil
  • Plug’n’Press: modern control system
  • Constant Pressure: Locks pressing plate in place
  • Safe and easy built-in bale ejection
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The E319 is ideal for a modest amount of cardboard, plastic and packaging material.

As it is powered by electricity, without using hydraulics, the E319 can operate quietly in the background of any normal workplace. The E319 baler is suitable for locations that do not already have a source of compressed air.

electric-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

Designed for low-height locations, the E319 stands at less than 2 metres high. The low height coupled with the noise noise of the machine make it ideal for compact locations that do not have access to a source of compressed air.

The pressing plate compresses material with up to 15 tons of force via the unique, self-lubricating, worm drive.

The E319 boasts a modern control panel, auto start functionality as well as the ability to toggle ‘press n hold’, a feature which locks the pressing plate down without further energy use.

The E319 baler is powered exclusively by electricity, without using hydraulics. Not only does this allow the machine to operate quietly, without interfering with the natural workflow, it also means it can be located in hygiene sensitive areas, without risk of contamination.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Cardboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Power supply

< 80 kg

< 100 kg

3 X 400V / 16 Amp

Bale Size


800 mm


900 mm


500 mm


13mm (#999009)

Door Opening


505 mm


890 mm


500 mm

Machine Size


1855 mm


1165 mm


770 mm


500 kg


Noise Level

< 60 db (A)


Pressing force

15 tonnes



CE, EN16500 & UKCA

Mil-tek E319 Electric Baler for Cardboard & Plastic

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