XP200s Mixed Waste Compactor


Ideal for small spaces and indoor environments, the X-Press 200S mixed waste compactor is tough, durable and can handle all forms of general black bag waste including food, fluids and hazardous waste, compacting by a ratio of up to 10:1.

  • Stainless steel
  • 10:1 compaction
  • Improves security and safety
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Air-powered, clean and hygienic
  • Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments

The X-Press Compactor provides a hygienic and cost effective solution in a busy kitchen environment. Being air-powered, the waste press can be placed in areas where food is prepared as there is no risk of hazardous oil spillages. The black bag trash can be placed directly into the X-Press keeping smells and fluids inside the drum, ensuring a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene.


The Mil-tek X-Press 200S stainless steel waste compactor is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide variety of locations including kitchens, food preparation sites, hospitals, offices, and general waste areas.

By compacting your general, food and hazardous waste in an X-Press 200S waste compactor, you optimize your waste area, creating more space, less mess, better hygiene and solve the problem of overflowing bins.

You also reduce the number of bins and collections by 80%, reducing the cost and improving the internal logistics and productivity of your organisation.

A compaction ratio of up to 10:1 has a significant impact on waste costs by reducing number of waste containers and frequency of hauls.

The Mil-tek X-Press 200S is powered by compressed air, either directly from an existing air-line or from a compressor supplied by Mil-tek.

This means that the Mil-tek X-Press 200S is free of both electrical and hydraulic components, minimizing the risk of fire and completely eliminating the risk of oil contamination.

Technical specifications

Degree of Compression

< 90%


Noise level

1500 kg at 5 bar

< 70 db (A)

Machine size


1970 mm


670 mm


704 mm


120 kg

Bag Dimensions


600 mm


450 mm


< 50 kg



CE, AS/NZ 4024.1 & UKCA

XP200sWaste Compactor

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