2101s Stainless Steel Can Crusher


The Mil-tek 2101S Stainless Steel Can Crusher compacts tins, cans, drums up to 30L in size. As it is stainless steel, it is durable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Stainless steel
  • 0.27 m2 footprint
  • Optimal working height
  • Paint oil and hazardous fluids
  • Low noise, low energy, durable
  • Compact cans, drums & tins up to 30L

The hygienic, environmentally friendly 2101S Stainless Steel Can Crusher is ideal for industrial kitchens. The stainless steel structure is rust free and easy to clean, and can easily handle the temperature and conditions in a busy kitchen.

The 2101S Can Crusher can be used to compact the wide range of tins and cans used in food production in a busy industrial kitchen. It is powered exclusively by compressed air, so is free from hydraulic oil and other potential contaminants.


The Mil-tek 2101S Stainless Steel Can Crusher is a small footprint can compactor from Mil-tek. It is capable of crushing and compacting tins, cans and drums up to 30 liters in size.

Compacting cans in a Can Crusher reduces their volume by up to 90%, making them much easier to store and easier to recycle.

The stainless steel design makes it significantly more durable than other can presses, and makes it suitable for almost any form of metal, non-aerosol containers. Additionally, the stainless steel is easier to clean and easier to maintain.


With a footprint of less than .27m2, the 2101S Can Crusher is perfectly suited to working in locations and workplaces where space is limited.

It can be seamlessly installed without intruding upon the existing setup. The 2101S is available with or without stainless steel legs, allowing users to install it in a convenient location and operate it at a normal working height.

The legs can also be securely bolted to the floor for optimum safety.The Mil-tek 2101S Stainless Steel Can Crusher features enhanced safety features including fail-safes, a cycle counter and a patented new door locking mechanism.

Requiring nothing more than compressed air to run, the 2101S Stainless Steel Can Crusher is low-energy, small-size and incredibly safe machine to use.


Technical specifications

Degree of compaction




Pressing Cycle

< 30 L

2250 kg at 8 bar

10-20 sec.

Door Opening


490 mm


405 mm


400 mm

Machine Size


2005 mm


525 mm


510 mm


Noise Level

< 70 db (A)


CE, EN16500, UKCA

Machine Weight

125 kg

2101s Stainless Steel Can Crusher

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