2102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

2102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

Fully compliant with EN16500 standards, the new Mil-tek 2102 has a compact size similar to a filing cabinet, making it ideal for businesses with limited space.

  • Bale plastic, cardboard and other material
  • Ergonomic, easy, clean and safe
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • New EN16500 safety features
  • Faster pressing cycle & bale-out indicator
  • Improved fail-safes and locking mechanisms
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The small-footprint 2102 baler fits neatly indoors or out to enable baling and recycling of cardboard and plastic. The result is a reduction in waste disposal costs, a reduction in the amount of space designated to waste and a reduction in the number of bin collections and lift frequency

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The Successor

The Mil-tek 2102 is out of production. The A102 is a complete redesign of the original machine. Faster, stronger, bettter.

Take a look:

Flexible solution

The Mil-tek 2102 Baler is renowned for its flexibility, designed to fit into even the smallest locations where efficient compaction of waste is needed to maintain a clean and safe working environment.The safety and operational features make the Mil-tek 2102 an ergonomic, easy, clean and safe machine to operate and can be situated close to where waste is generated.

Mil-tek machines are designed so that almost anyone can operate them. You simply put in your material, close the door, pull the handle and let the machine do the real work. The 2102 has an extremely fast pressing cycle of between 10-20 seconds. The Mil-tek 2102 is powered by compressed air, either directly from an existing air-line or from a compressor supplied by Mil-tek. This means that the baler is free of both electrical and hydraulic components, minimizing the risk of fire and completely eliminating the risk of oil contamination.

Mil-tek 2102 Baler for Cardboard & Plastic

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