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What is a Baling Press?

A question we are often asked is What is a Baling Press? We’ve put together a clear and comprehensive answer to that question

A dedicated waste management machine

A baling press is a dedicated waste management machine that compresses recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastic, into dense, manageable bundles (bales). Also called a baler or baling machine, a baling press is a large steel chamber with a pressing plate that runs up and down to press the material inside.

The press creates thick, compressed bales are then collected by waste collection companies who send them to recycling companies for resale and reuse.


A baling press is typically only used for recyclable materials: paper & cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans and drums, metal, and glass, though they can be used to press unorthodox materials such as car bumpers or clothes.

They are mostly used in commercial and industrial sectors by businesses that generate this type of waste in their production/daily operation and want to dispose of them in a more sustainable manner. Food production factories, hotels, supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses, and restaurants are just a few examples of sectors where the use of baling presses has increased exponentially in the past years.

“A baling press is a dedicated waste management machine. Baling presses can be either hydraulic or pneumatic.”


Baling presses can be either hydraulic or pneumatic and businesses should choose between these two based on the volume of waste and how much they want to spend on maintenance.

Balers also come in many sizes, so that small and large businesses alike can dispose of waste more effectively and enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased portability The baling press compacts the waste into regularly shaped blocks, which are then strapped. This way, the collection company can easily move them around.
  • Sustainability Instead of being sent to the landfill, all the waste is recycled, which reduces pollution and helps preserve resources.
  • Save money Baled waste takes up less space, which reduces waste removal costs. Moreover, many companies pay for recyclable materials, so balers can even turn into a source of revenue.
  • Health & safety Compacted waste reduces the risk of a safety hazard and creates a cleaner environment for employees.
  • Boost business reputation More and more consumers demand sustainable practices from the companies they work with. Recycling business waste sustainably can improve your reputation by showing that you care about the environmental footprint of your business.

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