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Mil-tek ships machine number 50,000 worldwide

Mil-tek Denmark A/S has spent 27 years delivering environmentally friendly waste solutions around the world. Number 50,000 is now on its way...

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Eight new machines added to the Mil-tek range

Mil-tek has added EIGHT new recycling solutions to the range of waste minimizing machinery including electric balers and glass crushers.

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Eight New Products Join the Mil-tek Range

Mil-tek has added eight new recycling solutions to their range including three electric balers, three glass crushers, and a unique solution for plastic and metal strapping...

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New Plastic Tax to Curb the Use of Non-Recyclable Plastic

The Treasury is working on a new plastic tax to discourage the use of non-recyclable plastic items such as straws, disposable cutlery, coffee cups and takeaway food trays.

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